Tuesday, October 07, 2008

STUDIO PER UN EDIFICIO RESIDENZIALE Study for a residential building

IL presente lavoro concerne lo studio preliminare redatto per verificare la reale possibilità di ricavare sei alloggi all'interno di un lotto, situato in una area residenziale.

The work of this preliminary study prepared to verify the real possibility of obtaining six housing in a plot, located in a residential area.

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teillu said...

Hi, Mauro!

It's a nice solution, reminds me the looks of the old master Aldo Rossi! But I found a pity the dinning room facing over the parking area, and I can guess some of the solutions will not surpass the normative (at least here in Spain, where I am from).

But it's a brilliant work, and the renders looks fabulous!


maurop said...

thank's a lot.
I Know that some design choices deserve further study. This is a broad study that unfortunately did not go forward.
Thanks for your interest and welcome the comments.